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Nichole Conolly

Lived Experience

Nichole Conolly

In-Person Presenter

Nichole Conolly is an autistic advocate and public speaker based in Brisbane. She is currently studying her Masters of Autism degree through UOW while working as a Prep-Year 12 Teacher Aide, Circus Instructor, Carer, and Theatre Columnist.

Nichole's poignant personal memoir entwined with comical reflections and scholarly findings makes for an unusual but memorable presentation. Nichole's biggest dream is to establish a Summer School for autistic adults transitioning to higher education through a partnership with an Australian university. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies, a Certificate IV in Education Support, and is an alumni of the Autism CRC's Future Leaders Program.

Her public speaking has taken her all over Australia as well as Singapore and England. Highlights include the 2017 & 2019 Asia Pacific Autism Conferences, 2018 Autism West Conference, and ACND 2019. When Nichole can travel again, she would love to speak in Nepal, the USA, and Canada.

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